Storie Naturali: The Weird and Wonderful World of Luigi Serafini

Blue Labyrinths

Recently I received a book in the post. The words were written by an author I’d never heard of and it was translated into a language I can’t understand… So why would I spend my money on a book like this? Two words. Luigi Serafini.

Many may be familiar with Serafini’s name for his most famous piece, the iconic Codex Seraphinianus, a compendium filled with bizarre and surreal illustrations of an imaginary world, annotated with text written in an indecipherable imaginary language. The Codex, originally published in 1981, has been boggling the minds of readers ever since the day it was released [See here for more pictures]. However, Serafini has also worked on a small selection of other projects throughout the last 30 years, many of which are extremely rare, expensive, and difficult to get hold of. So when I stumbled across a copy of Storie Naturali, I jumped…

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